The world of the Puzzlemeister
Hey, whats up?  Welcome to the site I created for my
various hobbies.   
Just to tell a little about myself, I am a California native,
lived here my entire life (born in '84), although I have gone
from central to southern and now I'm in northern CA.   I
went to school in Long Beach and got my Associate of
Arts degree in Interior Design in March of 2004.   
I have a few major hobbies, one of which is reading, and
you will get a few glimpses into my library as well as a
few links to some of my favorite authors.  I have over 400
books (at last count in 2007, I believe) and they are a
variety of genres.  One of my related hobbies is studying
Astrology.  I like researching different character aspects of
a person and sometimes figuring out why they act the way
they do.   It's actually pretty cool figuring out compatibility
for a person, too, but you can never depend on astrology
to provide exact answers or make predictions.  It just
provides a little insight.    There are six or seven books
that I use, but if someone just wanted the basics, there's
a book by Joanna Martine Woolfolk titled "The Only
Astrology Book You'll Ever Need".   
Some of my other hobbies will also be displayed on the
site, like my puzzles, police patches, and some of my
interior design stuff.  And don't forget to check out my two
pages from the biggest puzzle in the world.  :)
P.S. If you have a few minutes, stop by my
best friend's site.  He's an awesome artist.
If you want to contact me with questions or
comments, e-mail me at
One of my favorite outside activities,
mini-golf.  This pic was from Jan. 2003.
Another site to check out is my brother's.  He's
got a great informational site about 80's music.
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